This recipe is a take on the popular seafood cevice that I love with a fruit and veggie twist. It has just the right amount of zing to take it from ordinary chopped melon to an extraordinary summer salad.



1/2 Watermelon
1 cantaloupe
1/2 Jicama
1 English cucumber
1 lime
Fresh cracked pepper
2 t. Tajin seasoning (or 1 t. chili powder and 1 t. salt)


Cut jicama in half and peel away the thick skin. Cut into thin, medium length pieces, about 1 1/2 to 2 inches. Place in large bowl.

Cut watermelon in half. Remove rind and cut melon into thin, medium length pieces.

Cut cantaloupe and cucumber into bite sized pieces and add to the bowl. Mix up the fruit in the bowl and add the juice of one lime and about 2 Tablespoons of chopped cilantro. Sprinkle Tajin seasoning over the top and mix again. If you don’t have Tajin, use salt and chili powder instead.
Finish with a few shakes of fresh ground pepper.

Enjoy this delicious summer salad along side any of your favorite grilled meats. It’s light and refreshing on a hot summer day.


Tajin is a delicious fruit seasoning popular in Mexico and south Texas. I love the spicy kick it gives to fruit. We eat it on apples, melon, cucumbers, and mango with a good squeeze of lime on the side.

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