Leeny's Fitness Certifications

  • CrossFit L1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Basic Barbells Certification (Mark Rippetoe)
  • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting (Mike Burgener)
  • UCanRow2 certified indoor rowing instructor
  • ABC's of Weightlifting Certification (Justin Thacker)
  • Physiologic Flexibility Certification (Dr. Mike T. Nelson)


What is coaching? Are you looking to make positive changes in your health and well being, but feeling stuck? Looking to achieve a higher level of well-being? Maybe health coaching is the answer!

Workout of the Week


​Check out Leeny's workouts here for challenging, fun workout ideas. We are never too old to start moving and reap the benefits exercise has to offer.



Moving your body well goes a long way in improving the way you feel. Walking, stretching, running, lifting, pushing, pulling, rowing biking and jumping are a few of thew ays you can create balance, agility and strength.




Do you have a rowing machine at home but are unsure how to use it?

Do you find yourself dreading the rower when it comes up in the WOD at your CrossFit gym?

At Orange Theory, are you rowing harder than everyone else, but still finishing last?

Are you an endurance athlete who wants to train in a different modality? For example, you run marathons, but need to be able to train, without running, during the winter months?

I work with both men and women looking to improve their rowing so they can get the most out of their time on the erg.

Maybe you need a few sessions with a certified rowing instructor. We can improve your stroke so you can be efficient and powerful on the rower while also staying safe.

Together, we can work on:
Positioning on the rower, different parts of the stroke, using your legs, becoming fluent in the sequence of the stroke, work on your stroke's rhythm, understanding how to access power at any stroke rate, getting the best out of your performance monitor, finding the best damper setting for you, and learning how to utilize the rower to become more aerobically and anaerobically fit.

  • 60 minute 1:1 rowing session - $75
  • Package of four, 1 hr sessions - $280

Fitness Training

I work with women who want to get stronger, improve body composition, and increase their fitness in a number of different fitness domains like endurance, balance, agility, coordination and flexibility. A trainer for the last 12 years, I know the impact sound, smart programming. I also know that as women, especially in our 40's or 50's, we have special needs and concerns. We don't want to get hurt, and if we already have an injury, we want to be safe and smart in the way we regain our fitness.

Each person is unique and comes to me with different needs. We will create a workout program that works for you with your goals in mind. Whether it is to get off the couch and start moving or to get in the best shape of your life, I have a number of ways to get you there. I will meet you where you are and take you where you want to go, encouraging and challenging you along the way.

Because we lose muscle mass as we age, strength training will be an important part of our time together. Whether we use dumbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, barbells or simply bodyweight, we will challenge your body to inspire change in a smart, thoughtful way. I also love to incorporate the Concept2 rower and ski erg, along with the stationary bike and jump rope to enhance creative and fun workouts that never get boring.

You will be amazed at what your body is capable of as you continue to get stronger, gain confidence and see the changes you've been wanting for so long.

  • 60 minute 1:1 fitness training session - $75
  • 60 minute 2:1 fitness training session - $110
  • Package of 4 sessions - $285

Walk and Talk

Do you like to walk and also have a thinking partner with you who will listen, reflect, and help you process what you have going on in your life?

A "Walk and Talk" is the perfect opportunity to get outside, get some sunshine, move your body, and have someone there to partner with as you create, process and plan the goals you want to achieve to get the vision of health you are looking for. ($50/hr)

60 min small group sessions offered in spring and summer. Prices vary depending on number of people in the group.

Contact Leeny to set something like this up.

*Training spots are limited so reach out to Leeny to set yours up or get on the wait list.


About Leeny

Playing sports and participating in a number of different fitness activities throughout my life has shaped me as a person and impacted the way I live my life. My love of exercise and fitness led me to find CrossFit in 2007 which was transformative for me in the way I thought about exercise and nutrition. I was introduced to a whole new philosophy in exercise and began to follow and explore some of the best minds in the fitness industry. I received my CrossFit level 1 certification in 2009, and shortly thereafter, broadened my knowledge base with a number of other fitness seminars including CrossFit's basic barbells (Mark Rippetoe) and Olympic Weightlifting (Mike Burgener) as well as Justin Thacker's "ABC's of Weightlifting".

It was in 2011 that I became a certified Concept2 indoor rowing instructor with UCanRow2 and fell in love with the versatility of the indoor rower.

After developing and creating my own rowing hybrid class for Crossfit St. Louis and teaching it for 8 years, I am confidant that the indoor rower is one of the best pieces of equipment in the gym. I am passionate about showing people how to row correctly and incorporate the rower into their everyday workouts.

I am also a huge advocate of teaching women in their 40's and 50's (or any age for that matter) how to properly strength train. Women often have concerns about using weights, thinking they will get "bulky". Nothing could be further from the truth. We lose muscle mass as we age and this loss can also affect our bone density. Muscle is also a very metabolic tissue, offering us the biggest bang for our buck as far as calorie burning goes. I've worked with women of all ages, particularly in the CrossFit setting, get strong, learn new ways of moving their body and get excited about the process. I've seen first hand the power of good programming and know the special needs of women our age.



If you have any questions or you want to know more, I welcome you to reach out to me to secure your spot.

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